Programme Atmosphere and Climate (ATMO)

Talent management

ATMO PhD-days 2018


The directors of the research institutes involved in the ATMO Programme and leading scientists from these institutes and from the Allied Programme Partners are professors with teaching appointments at KIT and the Universities of Heidelberg, Aachen, Wuppertal, München (TUM, LMU), Augsburg, Köln and Freiburg.

At KIT, both the Bachelor and Master degree Programmes in Meteorology are carried to a large extent by ATMO scientists.

The exchange of students with national and international partners is an important part of ATMO's networking strategy. Part of this is integrated in Graduate schools.

Annual ATMO PhD-days, started in 2015, contribute to the scientific exchange within ATMO and are a great possibility for ATMO PhD-students to meet each other.

Currently ATMO institutes host five young investigator groups lead by young scientists.