Programme Atmosphere and Climate (ATMO)

ATMO research infrastructures

The design, construction, and operation of large research infrastructures are a particular strength of the Helmholtz Association and of ATMO.

These infrastructures are used by ATMO scientists, but are open to scientists from Germany, Europe and world-wide. 

AIDA facility; Photo: O. Moehler, KIT Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus; Photo A. Meyn, KIT Experimental plant laboratory and greenhouse facilityPhoto: M. Breig, KIT


Aerosol Interaction and Dynamics in the Atmosphere experimental facility

Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus
at Mount Zugspitze Bavaria, Germany



Experimental plant laboratory and greenhouse facility
 Research aircraft HALO, Photo: J. Orphal, KIT CARIBIC container; Photo: Team Tropopause (IMK-ASF, KIT) Plane with IAGOS inlet panel; Photos: Plane: Karmazin, FZJ; Inlet Panel: Deutsche Lufthansa


High altitude and long range research aircraft


Civil Aircraft for the Regular Investigation of the atmosphere Based on an Instrument Container


In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System

KITcube during HyMex campaign on the island Corsica; Photo: A. Wieser One of the six NDACC sites run by KIT, Schneefernerhaus at Mount Zugspitze, Germany, run by KIT; Photo: H. Vogelmann, KIT


Jülich Oberservatory for Cloud Evolution



six sites of the Network for the detection of Atmospheric Composition Change

Simulation of Atmospheric Photochemistry in a large Reaction Chamber (SAPHIR) Photo: B. Bohn, FZJ TCCON site IZANA; further sites run by KIT: Garmisch (Germany), Izaña (Tenerife Island, Spain), Karlsruhe (Germany), Mount Zugspitze (Germany)Photo: T. Blumenstock, KIT


Simulation of Atmospheric PHotochemistry In a large Reaction Chamber


Three sites of the Total Carbon Column Observing Network

TERENO prealpine

TERestrial ENvironmental Observatory

World's Calibration Centre for Ozone Sondes; Photo: Smit, FZJ Zeppelin NT; Photo: Hofzumahaus, FZJ  


World's Calibration Centre for Ozone Sondes

Zeppelin NT